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The 10bestmedical Difference

The 10 Best Medical Difference

Our website is different from other internet websites because:

1. We are researched-based. We surveyed thousands of physicians, asking them which are the most useful home medical products for specific medical conditions. Once we compiled the lists of most beneficial product categories, we “data mined” customer reviews from other websites to determine the ten highest rated models in each category, based on the five star rating system (five stars = highest rating). Not all categories have ten products listed. Some do not have enough products available or enough reviews to be statistically valid. Periodically, we will update our research so over time more categories will include ten products. Please note these ratings are consumer-based and not the opinion of 10bestmedical.

2. We are education-based. Our website provides additional information in the "Product Considerations" section to help you make an informed decision.

3. We are a Maine-based company. Our “Down East” principles bring you straight talk and practical solutions. Our goals are to make your life easier and give you the knowledge and confidence to select the product that’s best for you.

How to use 10 Best Medical:

Either click on a specific Medical Condition to see the top ten product categories that physicians think are most useful for that condition or click directly on a Product Tab which will display sub-categories. Click on a sub-category to reach the 10 highest rated products. Then click on any product to see more details and ordering information. If you decide to make a purchase, you can sign in as a Guest or Log-in to create an account.

Product Considerations

Please click on these product photos to learn how to select the most appropriate equipment for you in that category.